Platform: PC / Playstation 2
Publisher: Capcom

It isn’t perfect; the story is largely the typical throwaway reason to fight a bazillion demons and monsters…regardless of what other reviews say. However, the gameplay is stylish, unique and deeper than the first few hours suggest.

Chaos Legion was marketed by Capcom as a cousin of Devil May Cry. While the tone and subject of the game suggest similarity, however, the gameplay is a totally different beast. In fact, the comparison probably hurt the game, because reviewers went in expecting a DMC clone rather than being open to letting the game’s unique strengths take hold.

Some reviewers have argued that the game is repetitive. This is true only A) at the beginning before the importance and depth of the legions is revealed and B) on easy difficulty. If this game is to be enjoyed, it if for those people looking for a challenge. In that way, it is similar to Devil May Cry. This isn’t a game to run through in 8 hours…that might be less than enthralling. The real joy in this game is that of discovery and accomplishment. In fact, the game is so difficult that it has a system much like DMC3 where experience from ATTEMPTS at beating missions can be kept to level up legions.

Your character plays a bit like Dante with maybe slightly less moves. However, depending on the legion he has equipped, he can perform different moves and gain different abilities.

And then there are the legions. The legions are spirits that the main character summons to fight at his side; each one has very unique strengths and weaknesses. Combined with the abilities they add to the main character, which legions are equipped at the beginning of a mission makes a big difference.

The controls for the legions are surprisingly deep…they are by no means simply autonomous once summoned. It takes several hours to understand half of the strategy behind using them and most of the game to master it. Combine this with the ever present challenge of staying alive and you have a very compelling action game. Luckily, the game also features a relatively forgiving checkpoint system.

Of special note are the boss battles, which are very fun to figure out. When you bring down these bad boys, you know you’ve accomplished something.

  • Two men who were once friends are now enemies, after the death of a woman they both loved. One is a young knight, the other is a noble lord — they’ll face each other in combat, and the outcome of their battle will decide the fate of their shattered world.
  • Fight off relentless hordes of enemies, as you command legions in 3D military action
  • Use your legions strategically, to attack or defend, in non-stop 3D battle
  • travel the country to the three sacred glyphs — the powerful holy artifacts that will unite your world — before your enemy does, and save the world!